HEART is a Food Pantry for the Greater Reynoldsburg Area and partners with Mid-Ohio Food Bank. HEART is set up as a choice pantry where families can choose from open shelves once per month.

Hunger is sometimes hidden. Recently we heard of a family where jobs had been lost and things were tough. They had a nice house and cars. You could not see their need– they kept it hidden from those around them. No Christmas, little food, no insurance, struggling to hold on until things turn around—that’s where they are living. Food support makes a difference in tough times like these.

        There are more than 50,000 people living in the HEART service area. Of that number, 15,000 – 20,000 live within the Federal Poverty level and many are children. 50% of Reynoldsburg School District are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch.

       Both SECOND HARVEST and the MID-OHIO FOOD BANK identify our target area as underserved. While HEART relies on church and community support for funding and for volunteers, we encourage churches and groups to continue to also support the other operating food pantries.


The mission of Pregnancy Decision Health Centers (PDHC) is to empower individuals to make healthy life choices consistent with the intrinsic value of every human life. We seek to provide caring services for responsible sexual values and alternatives to abortion to as many individuals as possible in the Central Ohio area.

We focus especially on individuals who are considering abortion because they lack information and support. We do this through offering free, confidential programs including:

                Pregnancy testing and intervention,

                Pregnancy confirmation through medical examination & ultrasound,

                Mentoring and nurturing support programs

                Linkage to community resources,

                Education and training,

                Abortion Recovery services including support groups,

                Material aid,

                Housing referrals for pregnant girls and women, with abstinence education in the community,

                24/7 hotline phone number for women and families in need

We provide consultation, resources, and speakers to groups and churches who share our vision, and we serve as a leader in the community and movement at large for responsible sexual values and alternatives to abortion. 

If you are pregnant and need help, visit us at, call or text out 24-hour hotline at (614) 444-4411, or visit one of our seven caring centers in Franklin and Fairfield counties.

If you are interested in supporting PDHC by offering your time or talents, you can learn more about us at